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Ryan Mitchell

Creative Technologist

This is my personal website containing information around my professional career, my "musical career", as well as musings about a variety of things I find interesting (and that others might as well). You can reach me via email via "mitch" on this domain. Hopefully not throwing up my actual email here will trick the spam bots and it won't backfire on me. We'll see.

Below you'll find a list of projects that I've worked on (both past and present) and below that a few links to other areas of the site that go into more detail about specific areas. If you're here to check out detail around my professional life / career, hit "Software Engineering" below, although the other areas are interesting too. :) You might find my blog has some articles of interest also.

Software / Service
Buzzworded (a.k.a. Buzzword Bingo) is a bingo-esque, online social game you can play with your friends and colleagues.
I built this for some colleagues and friends of mine when we wanted to play this game but couldn't find an online service beyond just printing out bingo cards. I made this so people could play regularly and keep making their games better and more fun over time. Take a look - it's free to play!
Hexical header image
Music / Sound Design / Video Editing
I'm working on music and sound design for the indie game Hexical, releasing in Early Access in 2024.
If you're a PC gamer, this is a cool little 2D roguelike and it's beautiful to watch and play (although I'm admittedly not very good at it).
If you want to help out a bit, go over and wishlist it on Steam (link above). Wishlisting is the best way for an indie game to get noticed, and you'll get notified when it's released so you can pick up a copy! Demo releasing soon!
More Stuff
Software Engineering

I'm a technologist, a software developer, and a software engineering leader. To find out more about my professional career, check out my Software page.


I've been studying and playing music since I was eight years old (thanks, Mom!). To find out more about my music endeavors, including musical releases and projects, check out my Music page. (COMING SOON)